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I2C General call from kernel driver/module on IMX6D

Question asked by Miroslav Kopecek on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Victor Linnik

would anyone know a 'standard' way how to do a general-call-address reset of a device from device driver ?


1) Short description of issue:

I am trying to write my own driver for TLV493D (magnetic sensor on i2c bus).


Datasheet of that IC in chapter 5.7.1 states:
"A general reset is trigged by calling the address 0x00 in the I2 C interface. This generates an internal reset..."

In my use the reset is needed for the device to function properly however i was unsuccessful in trying to write to the address 0x00. (7bit mode) - as it is the reserved general call address.

2) Question:
Is there a way to write to the 0x00 device address on i2c bus from kernel module ?
(I am using system with  imx6 dual core)


thank you for all inputs on this topic.

datasheet link: