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Various intermittent Kernel Oops faults on boot / shutdown

Question asked by Stas Gil on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Stas Gil

Hi community,


    We are using a custom board that was based off SabreSD with imx6 processor.

Kernel: 4.1.15

Bsp: krogoth


As we received a new batch of PCBs, we are often seeing various kernel oops faults ( examples attached ). They seem to be caused by different processes every time, the common factor is that everything crashes during virtual memory access / page reallocation. 

The above should point at the DDR fault, however we have extensively tested DDR on all of those boards using the NXP DDR stress test tool, even under various thermal conditions, and results were positive.


To eliminate the possibility of memory leaks in the system, i have added kmemleak for monitoring RAM usage, and I haven't seen anything suspicious. (kmemleak only ever reports kworker thread (pid 0) as potential leak, but i'm guessing it's just because that process allocated some memory and holds it until shutdown).


I'm struggling a little with what to do next to determine the possible cause.


If anyone has any ideas or pointers it would be much appreciated.