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Question asked by Ciprian Salageanu on Nov 9, 2018
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I'm working with TJA1128 LIN mini system basis chip.

The setup is:

- S32K144EVB running NXP example for TJA1128 SBC

- custom board with TJA1128: this board contains only the chip no other components, it is placed on a breadboard and wires are connected to S32K144EVB. It is more a breakout board.


The TJA chip is in CONFIG mode. At start the MCU is writing the configuration registers of the TJA - see attached picture. The last register written is the CRC register with 0x91 (value checked also with NXP CRC calculator for this chip).

The problem is that after the CRC register is written the SBC does not Restart (CRC is correct normally) to confirm the end of CONFIGURATION sequence.

The Reset pin is High (as can be seen in picture). So the chip remains in CONFIG mode.


Reading again the register at address 31h shows NVERR  active (The error status bit NVERR indicates whether a MTPNVM fault was detected). I NEED TO CONFIRM THIS.


If anyone has an idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Could be because there are no capacitors on TJA breakout board board ?


Link to TJA1128 data sheet