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MQX BSP libraries

Question asked by Ken Armitage on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by Daniel Chen

I am using MQX4.1 with Codewarrior V10.6.4 and most of the projects I work on are K60 based designs.

We purchase a TWR-K60D100M kit and use the BSP for this board set as the starting point for our custom boards.

Using the cloning BSP I create a new board BSP.

I create a new Workspace for each new project and copy the .wsd files generated by the cloning wizard into the new work space and the .xml file into the CodewarriorNPW directory. I then build the libraries (sometimes this requires one or two passes which is a little worrying ) and then create a new project and and select the new-board BSP. The project creates fine and I can compile the new new project without errors.

But, when I want to make a change to the BSP - say within the config.h file, although the file I open is the one in the project workspace, I think the file that actually gets changed is the one created by the cloning BSP and not the one I have copied into the current workspace.

Can someone please explain why the is and if there has been a change to the working of these directories for I am sure that projects I have worked on in the past have allowed me to make changes to the BSP in the local workspace and not what might be described the global one.