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LPC1517 SCTimer Interrupt stops suddenly

Question asked by ATHMESH NANDAKUMAR on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by ATHMESH NANDAKUMAR

Controller   :   LPC1517

IDE             :   MCUXpresso


I'm using SCTimer 3 for using delay for ms, it is working for 60 delays, and then interrupt stops without any reason.

SCT3 IRQ Handler:



 LPC_SCT3->EVFLAG = 0x01;

Delay function:







SCT3_START_ms definition:


 LPC_SCT3->CTRL_U |= (1<<2);
 LPC_SCT3->CTRL_U &= ~(1<<2);


this worked normally for upto 59 counts, and then MATCH0 turned from normal value to 0xffff, also the SystemCoreClock became 0.


is there any specific reason for this weird change?


Thank you