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MPC5777C , FlexCAN, ESR1 to clear into ISR

Question asked by Maurizio Greco on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by Alexandru Nan

Hi all.

I m working on MPC5777c . Into ISR for managing interrupt event related to errors (for example absence of ACK) I'm found this strange problem.


Into the ISR I try to clear the ESR1 register with this approach.


_ISR2( FlexCAN_A_Error )
..... /* Instruction....of ISR  not reported*/

/* Reset interrupt flag */
CAN_A.ESR1.R = 0x00000002;


Using lauterbach I found that after execution of  CAN_A.ESR1.R = 0x00000002 the bit related to ERRINT it remains at 1.


What I'm doing in wrong way?


Thanks all for a possible suggest to solve the problem.