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How to use Kinetis Bootloader 2.0

Question asked by shuichiy on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by shuichiy

Hi all,


I am a custom board which has a MK22FN128VLH10.

Now I'm trying to update the firmware using Kinetis Bootloader 2.0.

At first I have tested the scenario on FRDM-K22F and everything is O.K.

Next I have done using the custom board as follows:

1. Import led_demo_tower_a000 project from apps\led_demo\MK22F12810\kds on KDS then build it (release).

2. Import tower_bootloader project from targets\MK22F12810\kds on KDS then build it (release).

3. Run tower_bootloader then "FSL Loader" drive appears on Windows.

4. Run KinetisFlashTool on Windows then select "USB-HID" and connect.

5. Click "Update" button then following messages appeared.


Connected to device successfully!
Collecting device information......
Device information is updated!
Start update progress......
Updating image......
Error: Update image failed(kStatusMemoryRangeInvalid).
Update process is stopped by error.


Do you think I have something mistakes or misunderstanding ?

Your any comments would be appreciated.