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Setting up Kinetis bootloader on MK22FN128 unsuccessful.

Question asked by Arjun Nair on Aug 9, 2017
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Setting up Kinetis bootloader on MK22FN128 unsuccessful.


I am a bit stuck with the bootloader. Any help is appreciated.


I have a custom PCB with a MK22FN128VLH10 microcontroller. The significant peripherals are :
1) 20-pin J-Tag connector for connecting the SEGGER J-Link debugger.
2) USB micro-B port connected to the microcontroller.
3) Few pins connected to a header (for I/O).
4) Few LEDs as indicators.


Stuff that is already working :
I have written a program to blink LEDs, read Analog Input and send data through the USB as a virtual com port. This program was flashed to the board using the SEGGER J-Link debugger and tested. It works exactly as intended.


The problem :
I want to use USB to flash the program. But the bootloader isn't working for some reason.


What I have tried :
- Downloaded Kinetis Bootloader v2 from NXP website.
- Imported the project 'flashloader' into KDS (Kinetis Design Studio).
- Built the project (in 'release' configuration) and created 'flashloader.elf'.
- Used the python scripts provided and generated 'flashloader_image.c'.
- Imported the project 'flashloader_loader' into KDS.
- Added the file 'flashloader_image.c' to the 'flashloader_loader' project and fixed the #include to point to the right file.
- Built the project (release) and flashed the microcontroller using the J-Link debugger.


So far, everything looks fine. I connected the USB to my computer and executed the following command with blhost -

$./blhost -u -- get-property 1

It's a success. I get the expected response from the microcontroller.


Next, I execute the following commands to flash the microcontroller through the bootloader -

$./blhost -u -- flash-erase-all

$./blhost -u -- write-memory 0xA000 AppICreated.bin
$./blhost -u -- reset

All three commands run successfully.


And that's it. Nothing else happens. I reset the controller, turned off power and turned it on, waited for a few minutes. My program doesn't execute. Also, the bootloader doesn't work anymore.


I tried the same thing with Kinetis FlashTools (in a Windows system) at location 0xA000 and it gives the same result. But, the bootloader continues to works in this case.


I also tried writing to location 0x0. The program starts working, but I'm pretty sure the bootloader is overwritten and lost. I used the code in "Kinetis Bootloader v2.0.0 Reference manual" page 19 to call the bootloader within my code when I send a character through the virtual com, but the controller just stops working till I reset it.


Please let me know if you need to know more. I spent a lot of time and tried a lot of useless hacks to try to fix it.


If anybody knows what I did wrong, I would love to know. Thank you.