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About MKW01 VDDA current and VR_ANA voltage

Question asked by Wenshuai Lu on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Hello dear, 


Two problems to be confirmed about the MKW01Z128 power design :


1. What is the power consumption of VDDA?  I refer to MKW01Z128 Datasheet MCU Section Page 8, Table 5, Note1, which says " The analog supply current is the sum of the active or disabled current for each of the analog modules on the device. See each module's specification for its supply current", while I refer to Page 23, Table 19, which says IDDA_ADC is 0.215 to 1.7 mA.  I do not use DAC or other analog module, then, the VDDA would be max 1.7mA?  


2. What are pins VR_ANA and VR_DIG output voltage and max current?  Can VR_ANA be used for supplying VREFH and VDDA, while VR_DIG be used for VDD?  If so, I can just use one single battery for VBAT1 and VBAT2, and use the internal regulator of Transceiver for MCU VDD and VDDA, without a regulator chip for MKW01 in my system.