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Issue using I.MXRT1050 with ARM v6.7 compiler

Question asked by Stuart Woodbury on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2018 by jimmychan



I'd like to compile my code for the I.MXRT1050 with the ARM v6.7 compiler, so that I can use certain C++11 features. It looks like this compiler doesn't work with this board, but I wanted to make sure. 


I think that ARM v6.7 isn't supported because I'm running into this bug:

" error: no target architecture given; use --target=arm-arm-none-eabi or --target=aarch64-arm-none-eabi"


The second option doesn't work with -mcpu=cortex-m7, so that one's definitely out. 

The first option results in the the "no target architecture given" message. 

The ARM reference manual doesn't include any other options for --target. 


Did I miss something obvious? 



edit: yes, this: