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QUICCstart MPC885 Eval Board help

Question asked by Patrick Suteja on Dec 11, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by Srikanth Gedigam



This is my first time using PowerPC. I got in my hand QUICCstart MPC885 Evaluation Board, together with its instruction/manual and software tools.


I'm having problem getting it up and running, by following its quick start manual. The problem when I first unpacked it, is the CodeWarrior evaluation version included in. The one included is v8.6. I'm having trouble in activating/registering it as I'm being directed to download v8.8, which doesn't need activation anymore for evaluation purpose. So, I did installed CodeWarrior v8.8 (Power Architecture v8.8 build 80229).


The next problem is the 885_eval_bsp_package.exe included is EP88xC 1.1 CodeWarrior plugin installer. The plugin is for CodeWarrior v8.5. I did try to install it to CodeWarrior v8.8 directory and it successfully installed (no complain from installer).


Then I continue to proceed in using CodeWarrior, creating "new EEPC project" and selecting Linker. The only linker that has information about "PowerQUICC I/PowerPC 885/88x EP (MPC885)" board is "Metrowerks PowerPC EABI Linker" not "Freescale PowerPC EABI Linker". Everything is fine until I wanted to compile project. It gives me an error: "Link Error: undefined: '__start'".


I've compared it with using "Freescale PowerPC EABI Linker" but for "8xx/PowerPC 885/885 ADC" board and noticed there are missing "MSL_C.PPCEABI*" file and "Runtime.PPCEABI*" file. I've tried to include those files but giving me other errors.


My questions are: Is there any support for QUICCstart MPC885 Eval Board? How about step by step/tutorial? Any updated manual referring to use  CodeWarrior v8.8? Any updated EP88xC 1.1 plug-in for CodeWarrior v8.8?


Thanks in advance.