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Reduce source code size for Kinetis Series MKL03

Question asked by Tomaz Lovrencic on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Tomaz Lovrencic

In our design we are using Kinetis MKL03Z8 with only 8KB of flash. We have been able to program needed application from peripheral examples on test board FRDM-KL03Z (LPUART and I2C + using VLLS modes) but firmware is to large to fit into 8KB. I also try barebone SDK (v2.3.1) minimalistic example ("demo_apps->hello_world")  inside MCUExpresso, but I could not get below 9KB PROGRAM_FLASH, even with optimization level for size (-Os). How can i further reduce program size (I assume examples have some ballast) or where I get driver/example files (e.g. MWE) with smallest footprint possible for LPUART, I2C master peripheral to fit into 8KB region space?