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problem with QD2

Discussion created by Vinay Prasad on Dec 8, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2008 by bigmac

I am using QD2 for a battery management & High Power LED Driving application. Below are the details & problems along with the attached schematic.

battery - 6V sealed lead acid,
voltage regulator used - 3.3 V

battery disconnect - 5.7 V
Battery reconnect - 6.0V

battery over voltage protection - 7.2V

please find the attached schematic. the microcontroller is behaving eratically during the discharge condition. The port pin PTA0 is going high if i switch on the supply for the micon during the hysterisis. can some body please help me resolve this issue. Also let me know if any hardware changes have to be done.i also have problems using BKGD & RESET pin.