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Porting MK60D10 HAL and Drivers to MK60F12 device

Question asked by Dhaval Patel on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by Mark Butcher



I am working on Kinetis K60F12 series of MCU. I searched the Net but I could not find KSDK for MK60F12 device So I tried to make MK60D10 drivers and HAL compatible to MK60F21 device by modifying MK60F12 header file, My question is :

1)Is it correct approach to make my development faster ? is it possible that drivers and and HAL files will work correctly ?

2)I faced an error when I edited MK60D10 linker file to make it work with MK60F12 but faced one error saying stack pointer initialized with incorrect address. (I am using IAR for ARM). Can you please share the Liker file for MK60F12 device for bare mettle code. I have attached the liker file that i am using