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imx7 sabre no hdmi output

Question asked by syam Krishnan on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by syam Krishnan

Hi ,


Trying to use the  MCIMX7 SABRE  700-28590 REV D board .using the bundle 342-00659 REV B1 sdcard which is having 4.1.15_2.0.1 B version  getting GUI image on HDMI display .But when tried to build image using imx-4.9.88-2.0.0_ga not getting GUI ON HDMI,but can see embedded linux splash and progress bar ,but no GUI after that .Followed all the instructions as per latest bundled documents and read me.Also tried setting bootargs also.Please help to fix resolve this issue.


Please suggest a fix/solution for the issue . How to get HDMI working.Following are the details




MCIMX7 SABRE  700-28590 REV D




4.9.88-2.0.0_ga: ROCKO




[build option]








[build target]