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Install_vcom.bat issues with a CLEV6630B board

Question asked by Mike DeVita on Sep 14, 2018

***** UPDATE ****

After installing the latest Windows7 patch and re-booting, the driver is now recognized and we are able to run the NXP NFC Cockpit software with the CLEV6630B.



Hi, we have a CLRC663 plus NFC Frontend Development kit (OM26630FDK) that we are using to evaluate the NXP CLRC663 plus. The evaluation board is CLEV6630B v2.0. We have followed the instructions for installing the software and drivers on a Windows7 x64 platform. We launch the "install_vcom.bat" file and it seems that everything installs correctly per the DOS shell screen (see image1 attached), but we are not seeing the driver appear in the COM & LPT window of the device manager (see image2 attached). When we launch the "NXP NFC cockpit" v4.8.0 with the CLEV6630B board connected via USB to the host, it is showing that the cockpit is disconnected from the CLEV6630B board (see image3). We are not sure if COM7 is the CLEV6630B board, but if we try to update the driver for it by pointing to the "nxp\NxpNfcCockpit_v4.8.0.0\VCOM directory, we get a message saying "the best driver software for your device is already installed" (see image4). Any ideas on how to get the driver to install or why the host PC cannot connect to the CLEV6630B board? The board does light up so we know it is a live USB port.