Trouble programming JM32 with DEMOQE

Discussion created by protoease on Dec 1, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2008 by Robert Bailey
I'm having a heck of a time trying to debug/program a JM32 using a DEMOQE board's built in BDM multilink interface.  I just have the bare essentials as far as the JM32 setup...basically what they have in the Data sheet near the beginning setup for 5V.  Without the BDM, both reset and bkgd are pulled to 5V.  With the BDM pod connected, reset immediately drops to 3.82 V, the highest the BKGD pin goes is 2.54V when trying to connect inside the True-time Simulator/debugger.  I get an error in the True time console: Error: Can not enter background mode

I noticed on the DEMOQE schematic there is a 4.7k pullup installed as R3 on the BKGD line to its VDD, which is around 3.1V.  There is a 4.7k pullup on the schematic as R4 on the RESET line to VDD, but this resistor is not installed on my board.  I only installed 5 out of the 6 pins for the BDM connector on the DEMO board, I left out pin 6, VDD as I was wary of frying the DEMO board with my 5V target.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the DEMOQE board could work with 5V targets.  Does anyone have experience doing this, and/or tell me what i'm doing wrong.  I have used the DEMOQE to debug a QG16 externally before, that worked fine.