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questions about AutoSAR  starter kit  on S32K144EVB

Question asked by guohua wu on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by Lakshmy Vazhayil Sasikumar

Hi all:

   by following the link in AUTOSAR Software|NXP , i got the news about "AUTOSAR Starter Kit for Arm Cortex S32K MCUs" ARCCORE - News .  then i bought the S32K144-EVB for studying the autosar development .


i encountered some issues when i try to load the examples provided by the "S32K_StarterKit_2_0_1" package .


i don't know who will be the owner for the trouble fix ? NXP or ARC CORE ?


if NXP takes the ownership , please help me to fix below issues. thanks !!



i obtained the MCAL from NXP and the tresos studio from EB . now i am running the “HelloWorld_S32K14X Example".


as mentioned by the "Arccore HelloWorld GettingStarted_2.0.1.pdf", i need a CAN probe to run the example .
for i am a beginner in AUTOSAR and CAN development , could you recommend the "CAN Probe" which you are using ?

BTW, do you have the example project with a CAN device connected or with two starterkist exchanged the data via CAN bus ?
if yes, could you provide the project files and the webshop URL of the CAN device ?