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Experimental analysis RIGADO R41Z Eval Board in industrial environment

Question asked by DIEGO COMIN on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by Juan Carlos Pacheco

Hello everybody,


I am inmerged in a project that involves the experimental analysis of Thread protocol thorugh the Rigado R41Z Eval Board in industrial environments where we have face inmmunity and interference issues.


I know how to handle the board at user level with CoAP, manage UART consol, program periphericals, etc. At this point I am able to send though CoAP protocol a message froma node to another. But in order to obtain the needed experimental results of the communication performed, I need to know some data from the board and network:

  • The full frame of the message sent between nodes.
  • The number of hops performed when I send a message from a node to another.
  • Path routing of the message sent between nodes.
  • What topology or routing path have the Thread architecture at the moment.
  • The MLE advertisement containing the path costs between routers.
  • The RSSI between nodes.


To sum up all the relevant information used to characterizate the communication in Thread.


The idea is to place some kind of instrument emitting interference near a node and see in real time the new routing path choosed in the Thread network to solve the interference problem, how many hops performs the node now, the new path costs, etc.


Can I obtain this information from the user application? Is the info located somewhere of the R41Z's Thread Stack? Do I need to use Wireshark to analyze the network? What I need to do to obtain the info?


Thanks in advance,


Diego Comin