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Seems that MPL3115A2 always returns value of STATUS register

Question asked by Maciej Wujciow on Aug 30, 2018
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Basically I can communicate with MPL3115A2 pressure sensor but the result is useless.

I have impression that whenever I try to read a value from any register it always returns me value of the STATUS register.


I followed Quick start setup (chapter 12).

screenshot 1: In the beginning I tried to perform software reset 0x26, 0x04. Why the last byte wasn't acknowledged?

screenshot 2: I set the oversampling in CTRL_REG1 (0x26, 0x38) and this time everything was acknowledged.

screenshot 3: In PT_DATA_CFG (0x13, 0x07) flags were set.

screenshot 4: Set active (0x26, 0x39).

screenshot 5: Read CTRL_REG1. 0xEE??? Is it STATUS?

screenshot 6: Read WHO_AM_I. 0xEE??? Is it STATUS?


No mater what register I read from, I always get same response.

If in step 3 I set  0x13, 0x02 (PT_DATA_CFG) then I always read 0x44.