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s32k how to change the application to be loaded by a bootloader?

Question asked by m. m. on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Diana Batrlova


I have a project (generated with processor expert) which is running fine. Now I want to prepair my project to be loaded by a bootloader. I just shifted the addresses in linker description file by 0x20k. See below. After this change nothing works. All sort of erros. I cant set a breakpoint startup.c where VTOR is written to. 

What am I missing?



  /* Flash */   
m_interrupts          (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x00000000, LENGTH = 0x00000400  
m_flash_config        (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x00000400, LENGTH = 0x00000010  
m_text                (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x00000410, LENGTH = 0x0007FBF0
/* Flash */  
m_interrupts          (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x00020000, LENGTH = 0x00000400  
m_flash_config        (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x00020400, LENGTH = 0x00000010  
m_text                (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x00020410, LENGTH = 0x0005FBF0