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PN532 energy Harvesting with NTAG I2C

Question asked by T K on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by IvanRuiz



Im currently using the Adafruit PN532 NFC-Shield, from which I want to supply an NTAG I2C Antenna with power.

With the Vout of the NTAG I2C I want to power an MCU.

I want to generate an RF-Field to get 3,3V to the Vout Pin of the NTAG I2C to run my MCU.

I do not exactly how to get an RF-Field without sending Messages with the PN532.


I think I have to set the Tx2RFEn and TX1RFEn Bits of the CIU_TxControl Register (0x6304).

When I write an 0x83 into the Register 0x6304 then there is an RF-Field for a few Milliseconds.

If I read the Register 0x6304 after I have set the two Bits, then there is still the value "0x80" in the Register.