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PCA9517DP-118 multi-master mode support

Question asked by Hafiz Haja on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Aldo Gutierrez

Hi All,

I am using the I2C repeater chip PCA9517DP-118 in my design. My application needs to read back voltage data from a voltage sequencer via I2C interface. I am using microprocessor and micro-controller in the module; I need both the microprocessor and micro-controller to read from voltage sequencer in multi-master mode. Microprocessor I2C interface is 2.5V standard, micro-controller I2C interface is 3.3V standard and slave device is also 3.3V standard. Microprocessor I2C level is translated to 3.3V by using the repeater PCA9517 (A side - 2.5V, B side - 3.3V) and then interfaced to slave device. Since micro-controller I2C interface is 3.3V standard it is directly interfaced to slave device. Therefore repeater B side is getting shorted to micro-controller I2C interface. Is there any issue with this method?. In the datasheet there is some static dc offset issue on the B side of repeater. Does this repeater supports multi-master mode on B side of repeater if B side is not tapped to B side of another repeater?. Refer the attached image for proposed architecture.



HafizArchitecture showing design scheme