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High Estimator Bandwidth During High Load and Inertia Causes Software Hang

Question asked by Derek Cook on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Adam Reynolds



I ran across this problem in my testing of the sensorless motor control. I have the minumum startup current set to 100% of rated (which is 150A - I need this to always be 150A so I can start at high loads), I have my estimator bandwidth set to 76Hz, my inertia is 0.0672 A /RPM/s, and the load on my motor is at 70 Nm. When the bandwidth is set to 76Hz with the high inertia and high load, the software hangs. This causes a reboot on my system, because the software quits petting the watchdog. 


If I lower the Estimator Bandwidth below 30 Hz the software hang goes away. All of the other settings and loads remain the same. Any idea why the high bandwidth would cause the software to hang?