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K64 SPI + DMA eats Data

Discussion created by joe hinkle on Aug 19, 2018
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I'm hoping someone can explain this behavior


K64 SPI set for 8 bit transfers, FIFO disabled, fed by DMA


Before the SPI process takes place -- as a note -- the CMD 16 bits of the SPI's Push Register is zero (0).


DMA is set for 8 bit transfers.


No CMD pushed into the SPI by the application.


The SPI transfer is started by setting DMA_SSRT


The Source pointer of the DMA channel is pointing to memory which holds an array of bytes increasing by 1.


Data array ===   0,1,2,3,4,5 ..... 255


I use a logic probe to capture the actual SPI data and clock coming off the K64


Data on MOSI line is ====  0,1,3,4,5 ... 255


Notice byte three (3) of the input data (byte value 2) is eaten and never appears on the MOSI line out of the K64. 



NXP/Freescale has never really published good documentation on using DMA with SPI and only pushing DATA - never the upper 16 bits of COMMAND.


Is there any published documentation that can explain this behavior?


Any ideas as to why byte 3 is ALWAYS eaten and never appears on the output?


Note:  the rest of the data is always transferred - independent of number of bytes -- the behavior is only at the start of the transfer and always byte 3