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MCUXpresso ConfigTools generated files

Question asked by Tom Song on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by Tom Song


     I am working on evkmimxrt1020_lpspi_interrupt_b2b_master project. In the clock_config.c file there is a big section labelled as the following:


********************** Configuration BOARD_BootClockRUN ***********************
/* TEXT BELOW IS USED AS SETTING FOR TOOLS *************************************
name: BOARD_BootClockRUN
called_from_default_init: true
- {id: AHB_CLK_ROOT.outFreq, value: 500 MHz}
- {id: CAN_CLK_ROOT.outFreq, value: 40 MHz}
- {id: CKIL_SYNC_CLK_ROOT.outFreq, value: 32.768 kHz}
- {id: CLK_1M.outFreq, value: 1 MHz}
- {id: CLK_24M.outFreq, value: 24 MHz}
- {id: ENET_500M_REF_CLK.outFreq, value: 500 MHz}





I have two questions:

1. I don't see any of the settings in the section in any of the C functions. So how does these setting take effect? 

2. I open the clock config tool and without changing anything just click update the project button the new clock_config.c is different from the original one, why is it?