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MX7 USB - initialize but do not use USB Port

Question asked by Lars Heinrichs on Aug 7, 2018
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for a customer I have developed two different hardware versions of bascially the same product.

One difference between the two versions is the usage of the the USB OTG ports. One version uses both ports, the other uses just one.


So far, the USB OTG port that has not been used was not powered and had no external circuitry at all.

To allow my customer to use the same software on both versions (initializes borh ports) I would like to allow the unused USB port to be initialized in software. What is the minimal circuitry to allow this?


I guess: Power USB_OTGx_VDDA_3P3_in, attach a capacitor to OSB_OTGx_VBUS and a resistor to USB_OTGx_REXT? or may i cut some of these even?


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