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The question of program EMMC in Development board (MCIMX6QP-SDB)

Question asked by 永迪 杨 on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by 永迪 杨

Hello everyone:


I am so sorry to ask this question twice. But the previous post has been setting "assumption has been answered".

So I have to post this post again.


We have a development board MCIMX6QP-SDB. And we need to program EMMC. 

According to the instructions, we use L4.9.88 mfgtools. However, this version of mfgtools can not recognize board. 

The following is running screenshots.

And report an error when we send electricity to the board.

The following is error screenshots.

The following is the log of mfgtools.

If we use l3.14.38.6ul verson of mfgtools,  it could recognize board. But when the program EMMC into second step, our board can not be recognized.The following is the screenshots of l3.14.38 mfgtools in second step.

Our host environment is WIN7. The following is the screenshots of host environment.


And we do not think it is related to the driver on the host. Because in the host, the HID device could be recognited in Device manager.


In addition we noticed that the library version  of mfgtools(l3.14.38) which could recognize board is 2.5.1.

And the library version of mfgtools(4.9.88 and 4.9.11)which could not recognize board is 2.7.0.

Is this related to our problems?

The following is the version of library



So, could anyone can tell us how to program the EMMC?

And whether or not it is related to the setting of switch6?