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USB Tap & Parallel JTAG configuration

Discussion created by Liping Zheng on Nov 18, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2011 by Dinesh Kumar
I have both USB TAP and Prallel JTAG on my computer. Sometimes, I need to switch between USB TAP and Prallel JTAG depending on availability of the emulators. What kind of setting should I do to swith from Parallel TAP to USB TAP, or from USB TAP to Prallel TAP?
Now when I click debug, I always get the following message: CCSProtocolPlugin: CCS: USB open failure, although I am using Parallel JTAG by changing the following setting (Why does it still look for USB TAP?):
Edit -> M56800 Setting -> Debugger -> Remote Debugging, to Local parallel connection
Edit -> IDE Preferences -> Debugger -> Remote Connection, remove USB Tap Connection 
Thank you!