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Which git repository and branch to start MX6Q+Linux?

Question asked by qiledexin on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Carlos_Musich

My company has developed a board with MX6Q for automation industry.

I've accessed Freescale's git server, but there are too much source repositories and branches, I really which should I start my work from.

At current, I cloned the u-boot and linux kernel from the below urls, but the trunk's version seems too old.



So that, my questions are:

   1. Is there any introduction about the  repositories and branches?

   2. Is the trunk the most stable versions and there's no newer stable versions?

   3. If there are some newer and stable versions, please tell me.


BTW,  do you have any suggestion about the root-fs like ubuntu? and where to get a dependable copy?


Thanks a lot!


Best regards!