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LPC18S57 Set Active Flash Bank via IAP when CRP Enabled

Question asked by Lane Lutgen on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by jeremyzhou

Hello! I am working with the LPC18S57 MCU and I am wanting to support in-field bootloader updates on my device which will write any new bootloader to the alternate flash banks of the current bootloader. So for example if my current bootloader is in Flash A, the new bootloader will be written to Flash B and vice versa.


I am reading the user manual for this MCU and am a bit confused on if I will be able to accomplish this task with CRP enabled on the chip. The active bank will be changed via the IAP command.  It states in the manual that IAP commands are not effected by CRP yet it also states that changing the active flash command is not supportive when CRP is enabled. So, which is it?


Also, if I can change the active flash bank via IAP with CRP enabled, will the CRP be automatically transfered to the new flash bank or will I have to compile the pattern into my new bootloader?


Thank you!