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How to repeatedly write Data Flash section (S32K116)

Question asked by Sascha Pfengler on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Daniel Martynek

Hi there!


Scenario / partitioning:

24 k of FlexNVM used for EEE-Backup

8 k of FlexNVM used as Data Flash

-> 0,5 k FlexRAM as "regular" RAM / section program buffer

-> 1,5 k FlexRAM as EEE


How do I write this Data Flash repeatedly?


From the ref manual I get that only Program Section command is available for D-Flash.

This means that up to 0,5 k of FlexRAM could be reserved for serving as "section program buffer".

This should have no impact on the remaining 1,5 k FlexRAM, which are configured as EEE, right?

I mean, I don't have to switch EEE-mode on and off every time I want to write to D-Flash, correct?


Then after I have programmed one section of D-Flash, how do I erase it before reprogramming?

Because the only erase commands I can find for Data Flash are "Erase All Blocks" and "Erase All Blocks Unsecure". (Ref Manual Flash commands)

"Erase Flash Sector" appears to be not applicable according to the ref manual.


Does anyone have an idea?

Or is it as easy as writing something like (*D_Flash_Addr) = 0xA5A5A5A5 and the controller does the rest (load / erase / write old content + new 32 Bit... don't think so!)?


Thanks for Your time!