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How a plugin image works in newer uboot ?

Question asked by mrigendra chaubey on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by Diego Adrian Cuevas

I have a sabresd board, running with latest android O.

I also have an older code for another imx6qp based board. That board is based on plugin boot and it uses flash_header.S. I am trying to take changes from older code and integrate to the newer one.


Can anyone help me in understanding this,

Previously we used to have one flash_header.S file which used to support plugin booting.

Now same flash_header.S is broken in two files, one is plugin.S and another is mx6_plugin.S.


Can anybody tell me what are the fundamental difference between these two?

Like how and when,

b _start

is called when we use plugin.S and mx6_plugin.S.


When ivt header entries are created?

I see this in mx6_plugin.S


second_ivt_offset: .long (ivt2_header + 0x2C + FLASH_OFFSET)

* The following is the second IVT header plus the second boot data
ivt2_header: .long 0x0
app2_code_jump_v: .long 0x0
reserv3: .long 0x0
dcd2_ptr: .long 0x0
boot_data2_ptr: .long 0x0
self_ptr2: .long 0x0
app_code_csf2: .long 0x0
reserv4: .long 0x0
boot_data2: .long 0x0
image_len2: .long 0x0
plugin2: .long 0x0


No values are given, so when values are given? in flash_header.S all values for ivt headers were hardcoded.

Also in the generated linker I don't see any flashheader section.