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Google map can't show in android 5.1.1(i.mx6q)

Question asked by Jimmy Li on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by Jimmy Li

Hi All,

     We are using i.MX6DL/i.MX6Q with the same board running Android 5.1.1(Kernel 3.14.52) to run google map, but find that only i.MX6DL platform can show the google map while i.MX6Q platform can't, following is the failed picture(picture 1-1).

     To analyse the potential reason, we have taken some works as below:

     1. Install the newest google frame; (picture 2)

     2. Update the google play service:

         2.1) 12.6.85(020300-197041431);


     3. Attempt different  version of google map





    Hope you can help us to solve the problem ASAP.

    Thanks a lot.


     Picture 1-1  Failed to show the map


    Picture 1-2  Successful to show the map



     Picture 2  Install google frame