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How to change clock setting on MCUBoot?

Question asked by anoja on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez

I have a custom KV11Z128VLF7 on which I am using the internal clock with the details below:

name: BOARD_BootClockRUN called_from_default_init: true outputs: - {id: Bus_clock.outFreq, value: 4/3 MHz} - {id: Core_clock.outFreq, value: 4 MHz} - {id: LPO_clock.outFreq, value: 1 kHz} - {id: MCGFLLCLK.outFreq, value: 71.991296 MHz} - {id: System_clock.outFreq, value: 4 MHz} settings: - {id: MCGMode, value: FBI} - {id: MCG.CLKS.sel, value: MCG.IRCS} - {id: MCG.FCRDIV.scale, value: '1', locked: true} - {id: MCG.FLL_mul.scale, value: '2197', locked: true} - {id: MCG.IRCS.sel, value: MCG.FCRDIV} - {id: SIM.OUTDIV1.scale, value: '1', locked: true} - {id: SIM.OUTDIV4.scale, value: '3', locked: true}


I wanted to use the MCUboot bootloader on this device. Can someone help me with the configuration setting?
I have attached the bootloader source file for clock.