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How to run a program without debugger

Question asked by Rudy Coppens on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Denis Collis



I am using the following hard and software:

- NXP MKE14F512

- Segger J-Link Edu

- MCUXpresso  10.1.1_606



For months I am working on a new product (first real embedded project for me) and I am on a point that I want 

to run the code on his own without the debugger attached. I thought this was easy but nothing works.

What I tried:

- At the "hammer" in MCUXpresso set it to "Release mode" 

- Make a bin file from release .axf and program it with Segger J-Flash-Lite

- Changed all the settings at "green spider" to attached files


What am I missing? thx!! 


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