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Synchronous/Asynchronous NOR Flash for RT1020

Question asked by Luis Hernandez Salvador on Jun 16, 2018
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I am preparing my PCB design for the new RT1020 NXP microcontroller. I have the schematics of the RT1050 evaluation board, and there they use a Hyperflash memory chip S26KS512SDPBHI02, this is FBGA and I prefer to replace it with a TSOP for my PCB.

I looked for replacements in Mouser, and found the SST39VF010-70-4I-WHE-T, this is a NOR Flash, 1 Mbit, 128x8 Parallel, TSOP32.

The only difference I see between the two memory chips is that one is Synchronous and the other is Asynchronous.

Is this difference important, can I replace the memory chip without problems?


Next Tuesday I receive the evaluation board of the RT1020 that I ordered from Mouser, and I have already downloaded the SDK. I am waiting for Datasheet and Reference Manual, to start working with all the necessary information. I also want to design my first board with the RT1020, to replace all my current designs with Kinetis MK66, for the RT1020, as soon as I learn to program the DMA..