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FreeMaster can't find buffer address

Question asked by gean sousa on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by Hui_Ma

 Hi everybody,


I am trying to use freemaster with USBDM. The scope worked ok, but I need more speed.

So, I included the files from the freemaster library, set the FMSTR_USE_PDBDM, and the FMSTR_Recorder() and FMSTR_Poll() functions are being called from a loop in the main function. But it doesn't work. When configuring FreeMaster,  It starts scanning if the button Search Address is pressed, but at a certain point I always get the following error:




If I click Test Connection in the "Packet driven BDM communication" window, I get the error:


Any ideas on how to solve it?