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PCI Express Burst Transaction on LS1046

Question asked by Andreas Rollbühler on Jun 4, 2018
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according to this post PCI Express Read Burst Transaction  you need to use a DMA controller to create PCIe read requests with a payload size that is bigger than 8 bytes. 


Just for clarification:

Ist this statement valid in general or just for the P1022? (I'm using the LS1046)

Is there a possibility to do this without a DMA controller?


I'm working with the LS1046ARDB and VxWorks 7. 

According to the LS1046 reference manual it seems that the eDMA doesn't support access to PCIe devices. 

There's also the qDMA, but unfortunately the BSP that I'm using for the LS1046ARB doesn't support the qDMA. 


Do you know if there's a qDMA driver available for VxWorks 7?