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struggling to get started with FRDM-KW019032

Question asked by Gavin Smith on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Wenshuai Lu

Good afternoon

I have the FRDM-KW019032 demo boards.

1st problem. plugging them into a windows 10 PC seems to brick the units. To get them back, I need to plug into a PC running Win 7, then copy the "frdmkw01_connectivity_test_eu.bin" back onto the board.


But my main issue is trying to get anything to compile using IAR.

I am following this link

FRDM-KW019032|Freedom Development Platform|Kinetis®|NXP 


I get to step 3.2, click the "SMAC" button to bring up the pop up

1. Build the platform library


Open the "Connectivity_Test.eww" IAR workspace.

Upon opening the workspace, I get two errors

The project 'ksdk_freertos_lib' contains the unknown tool 'Coder'.
The project 'Connectivity_Test' contains the unknown tool 'CMSISDAP_ID'.


Then step 2

After the workspace is open, some projects are shown: One for the KSDK platform library and one for the demo application. Build ALL the required KSDK libraries by right clicking on the SDK projects and click on 'Make'.


Throws up a bunch of fatal errors about not finding various source files eg

Fatal Error[Pe1696]: cannot open source file "fsl_device_registers.h" 

Fatal Error[Pe1696]: cannot open source file "fsl_adc16_driver.h" 

even if I add the include paths, it will then error on other things. so it almost looks like some configuration settings are not being loaded with the workspace? (Is it a version mismatch between my IAR tool and the version the demo was created on?)

I downloaded IAR from the link in step 2.2 of this page

FRDM-KW019032|Freedom Development Platform|Kinetis®|NXP 

its version

and common components


Finally i got a colleague to follow the tutorial on his machine as well, and he got the exact same errors.


Any ideas?