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Pins of MC13192 for SMAC

Discussion created by facundo madonado on Nov 2, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2008 by Rich Testardi
The MC13192 transceiver can be used for ZigBee, MAC and SMAC. I want to know what pins (from the MC13192) I have to conect to a MCU if a want to use SMAC (I asume that SMAC requires less pins that ZigBee):

SPICLK (External clock SPI): Needed
MOSI (Master output / slave input SPI): Needed
MISO (Master input / slave output SPI): Needed
/CE (Chip enable): Needed
/IRQ: Needed

(Reset): Needed or Optional?
RXTXEN (Enable Rx Tx):Optional?
/ATTN (Attention): Optional?

CLKO (Clock output): Optional?
GPIO2 (Entrada/salida): Not needed or Optional?
GPIO1 (Entrada/salida): Not needed or Optional?