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ITM Console Printf not working - FRDM K66F and MCUXpresso 10.1.1

Question asked by Alexandru Stefan on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Alice_Yang



Trying to get ITM console printf to work for a day or so now. I'm running on a FRDM-K66F development board, MCUXpresso 10.1.1 and LPCLink2. Library set to Redlib Nohost, redirecting printf to ITM enabled. All other SWO tracing functions work - data watch, counters etc. 


Have read all content I could find on the subject, including this FAQ and this blog article. Odd thing is that, with the helloworld app, I'm able to send exactly one character from the ITM console to the board, but none after that. I can't get any data from the board to the ITM console though.