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DPAA2 objects and MC question

Question asked by Alain Abitria on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Yiping Wang



I'm trying to create baremetal code for using DPAA2 qDMA in LS1088ARDB via Mgmt Complex (MCS). I understand that this MC abstraction (booted by u-boot) is to simplify programming by not bothering with HW registers for us developers. I've read the code in Linux kernel as well as other manuals but there are things I want to clarify:


- Is there an example DPL that I can tinker with? I can't find one in the LSDK folder.
- What is the general flow in opening a portal, assuming it's dynamic and not via DPL?  In using the DPDMA, do I have to go through DPMCP_OPEN for portals and not yet through DPDMAI_OPEN? Both says they both open the portal for a session.

- How do I know if an MC portal (starting at 0x80c000000) is available?
- Does QBMan have an equivalent DPAA2 object that MC can handle? Is it the same as DPIO (saw this in a slide "LOGICAL ABSTRACTION AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT USING THE MANAGEMENT COMPLEX")? There are still lot of register tinkering with QBMan and I thought MC will take care of it?