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How to load system.h parameters into KMS GUI?

Question asked by Derek Cook on May 8, 2018
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I am using KMS with my own hardware. I have a system.h file that I have modified on my own with the appropriate parameters. I open the KMS GUI, point the GUI to my project .elf file, and check the path of my system.h file from the KMS GUI, and the path is correct. The GUI does not read in the values of this system.h file. Is there a way to get the GUI to load in the system.h file to use for its motor tuner tests? I would also want to use the KMS GUI to tune my motors across multiple computers and it would be good to have a common file I can load into the GUI settings. 


Also, is there a way to get a log of what the GUI is doing behind the scenes? I keep getting an error saying that my motor is returning a large negative number, and I want to see why the GUI is returning this error.