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Not able to communicate with  FRDMK82F board using Blhost/Flash Tool

Question asked by Suresh P on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by Gerardo Rodríguez

I have downloaded the Boot loader OpenSDA V2.2 Image  and updated firmware application for my Target board FRDMK82 from here


I have fallowed five steps to install application and bootloader on my target board.

Application was running perfectly on internal RAM.

Now i want run  application in QSPI (external flash).Then i came to know board has to be configured.

I was trying communicate with target board FRDMK82FD over blhost and KinetisTool chain , but both tools are giving error   


Error: Initial ping failure: No response received for ping command.


I connect to windows 7 Host machine through  USB port mbeded serial port COM1


i have tried this commands 


>blhost -p COM1 -- get-property 1

Error: UartPeripheral() cannot open PC UART port(COM1), speed(57600 Hz).


>blhost  -n -p COM1  -- get-property 1


Inject command 'get-property'

Error: read_start_byte() timeout after 5.123 seconds

sendCommandGetResponse.writePacket error 5.

Response status = 10004 (0x2714) No response packet from target device.


Any suggestions  on how to establish communication with FRDMK82F using blohost/ Flash tool  using virtual COM port communication. .