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Why do I have packet loss on TWR-KV58F220M with TWR-SER?

Question asked by Ali Ismail on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by Hui_Ma

Hardware and Configuration:


TWR-SER (J2 3-4, J3 2-3, J12 9-10)


IDE       : IAR 7.8

SDK      : 2.3.1

Example: lwip udp echo


I am trying out the lwip udp echo example on my TWR-KV58F220M and TWR-SER. I am sure I have configured the jumpers correctly:


J2 for 50MHz PHY Clock

J3 for 50MHz CLOCKIN0

J12 for RMII


When I run the udp echo exampe on the dev board, I notice a lot of packet drops. If I ping the IP address defined in the example, I do not always get a reply. Also, I wrote a simple packet sending program to send udp packets to the KV5 and it does not get 7% of packets sent to it. Anyone have ideas? I suspect that this isn't normal.