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How to connect octal mode on FlexSPI for IMXRT1050 for 2 x QSPI IC's?

Question asked by Keith Buxton on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by deepa Krishnappa

In the reference manual (MXRT1050RM) Chapter 30 FlexSPI Controller there is a note that states:

"Octal mode is supported by combining SIOA[3:0] and

SIOB[3:0], on this device."

Does this mean that if we need to access 2 x QSPI FLASH memory devices such that we can use them in byte access mode then we need to drive the control signals separately from the A and B FlexSPI channels i.e. FLEXSPI_A_SCLK and FLEXSPI_A_SS0_B control signals to say the lower nibble of data (FLEXSPI_A_DATA[0:3] for IC#1 and FLEXSPI_B_SCLK and FLEXSPI_B_SS0_B control signals to the upper nibble of data (FLEXSPI_A_DATA[4:7] ?