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How to Generate 1 millisecond interrupt using LPIT Module in S32K144

Question asked by sakthivel kulandaivel on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by Robin_Shen

Hello Supporting Team/ All


I have newly startup the TPMS project with S32K144 MCU, First walk through the SDK Example Startup code for my better Understanding of the MCU Initialization.

1) My Project requirement to generate the 1millisecond timer interrupt that I will use for my task calling with 2ms and 10ms container.

2) FTM channel configures as Input Capture mode to measure the External signal from the sensor and decode the signals for my application usage.

3) My Project have to use the GENY Generated CAN Driver with my S32K144 MCU, If anyone has used the third part CAN Driver embedded with 

My question,

As the example code explained the about 1second timer interrupt using LPIT module,

could you please explain to me how to setup the 1millisecond timer interrupt?

Because this 1-millisecond timer, I have used all over my project for execution of all the task.


Please help me if any one has done before..


Thanks in Advance,

Sakthivel  Kulandaivel