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Hobbit board IMX6Q MFGTOOL2 Install Ubuntu

Question asked by Lutfi Firdaus on Apr 10, 2018

Dear All,


I have Hobbit board from POSLAB, and I have the mfgtools for this board from the vendor to install ubuntu on hobbit board. I turn the board on with serial downloader mode, then I open mfgtool2.exe. The device is detected, then I click 'Start'. It finish smoothly. I click stop, it's said "Linux File-Stor Gadget USB Device". But when I restart with eMMC boot, it shows nothing. Even not detected on usbtreeview. Any suggestion? The mfgtools.log attached.


Not sure, but now, after restart, it was detected as USB Input Device - HID (even I'm not boot it as Serial Downloader Mode).