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MCU Express IDE doesn't recognise CMSIS - DAP debug probe LPC Link2.

Question asked by Abhijit Katkar on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Kan_Li



I am trying to run #PN7462 Examples using the OM27462 Development Kit on #MCU Express IDE. For debugging I use LPC Link2 debug probe. I also use #LPC Scrypt to update the firmware of debug probe. However, just for the first time, the IDE detects CMSIS - DAP debug probe, it doesn't recognize the probe after first time. I tried debugging the PN27462U_ex_phExMain example, but LEDs are not glowing or the board is not going in the polling mode. I also tried running other examples, and I am facing the same issue.


May i know the right way to use the debug probe. I also tried flashing the binary file on the board in SWD mode, still the code is not running.


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